Corporate Strength

We have rich experience in the design, research and development, production and service of high-performance fibers, and have leading professional equipment and production technology at home and abroad.The company has a total of 100 employees, including 8 professional and technical R&D engineers and 14 technicians.While ensuring production speed, higher requirements are put forward for product quality and diversity.

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    On-the-job employees

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    R&D and technical personnel

Manufacturing Process

Braid, Warp Braid

Braid (carbon fiber cloth, aramid cloth, polyethylene cloth, basalt cloth, building reinforcement cloth, strong cloth, etc.) is mainly woven by automatic rapier machine. The main processes are warping, threading, buckle, weft rolling, weaving, and sampling. It is a basic textile process.Conventional lines are plain, twill, satin, and one-way.

Warp braid (multi-axial cloth) adopts warp knitting technology and is combined with the concept of fiber laying. Since this material is not bent, the fibers can be arranged in the best form.Warp knitting technology can obtain thick multi-layer fabrics and determine the fiber direction according to expectations. Since there is no need to lay out more layers, economic benefits are greatly improved.

Carbon Fiber Prepreg

Carbon fiber prepreg is a high-pressure and high-temperature technology that composes epoxy resin on carbon fiber.Composite materials made of carbon fiber yarn, epoxy resin, release paper and other materials, after coating, hot pressing, cooling, laminating, coiling and other processes are called carbon fiber prepreg.

Needle-punched Precast

Carbon fiber needle-punched precast is made of carbon fiber cloth with optimized angle layering, combined with carbon fiber staple fiber filling, and connected as a whole through a special process.The C/C composite material is made by vapor deposition and composite, which is a lightweight, sturdy and durable carrier structure.Common specifications include regular parts such as flat plates and pot bangs, as well as special-shaped parts such as diversion tubes and worms.

Quartz fiber needle-punched precast is a three-dimensional fabric with an overall structure composed of quartz fiber mesh felt, quartz fiber cloth, or quartz fiber combined in a directional or undirected manner.The dielectric properties of quartz fiber are also very excellent, and the characteristics of wide-band wave permeability can be achieved.Therefore, quartz fiber is in aerospace.The application of military industry, semiconductor, high temperature thermal insulation, etc. is becoming more and more extensive.

Carbon Fiber Products

Because carbon fiber has extremely high material properties, the strength and hardness of carbon fiber products far exceed that of metal materials of the same volume and weight.Therefore, carbon fiber products are widely used in high-tech industrial fields such as aviation, navigation, and military industry.

Braid, Warp Braid Carbon Fiber Prepreg Needle-punched Precast Carbon Fiber Products
Production Equipment

Production Equipment

Our main equipment includes more than 100 domestic rapier knitting machines, prepreg machines, acupuncture machines, pipe knitting machines, etc., while introducing 20 imported rapier machines and warp knitting machines.