3D Three-Dimensional Fabric

Three-dimensional fabric is an overall fabric that uses weaving, weaving, acupuncture or stitching techniques to make the fibers intertwine with each other in the three-dimensional space. It has the characteristics of fiber orientation can be designed, and the overall continuous division.

The composite materials made of it have excellent structural and mechanical properties, and the use of specific raw materials can also achieve excellent ablation resistance, corrosion resistance and high wave permeability.

  • 3D Mesh Fabric

    The 3D mesh fabric is formed by orthogonal weaving of three groups of yarns, X, Y, and Z. The intertwining points can be designed within a certain range, and the mechanical properties are excellent.

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  • 2.5D Three-dimensional Braided Precast

    The 2.5D three-dimensional braided prefab is woven and formed as a whole by a large 2.5D three-dimensional braided machine, which has the characteristics of good profiling, wide applicability, and excellent product performance.

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  • 2.5D Flat Braided Precast

    The 2.5D flat braided prefab is woven and formed as a whole by a large 2.5D three-dimensional knitting machine, which has the advantages of uniform fiber distribution, stable product performance and high molding efficiency.

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  • Carbon Fiber Honeycomb Precast

    The carbon fiber honeycomb prefab is woven and formed by the overall weaving technology of three-dimensional fabric. When weaving, honeycomb-shaped holes are reserved inside according to the design requirements. After compounding with resin or carbon, it is a carbon fiber honeycomb composite material.Carbon fiber honeycomb composite has excellent high temperature resistance, super structural stability and very low coefficient of thermal expansion.

    Mainly used in:

    • Satellite manufacturing

    • National defense and military industry

    • Aerospace

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