Since 2017, the company has organized relevant technical personnel to carry out technical research, successively conquered a number of key technologies, and successively developed carbon fiber needled fabrics, quartz fiber needled fabrics, high silica fiber needled fabrics and glass fiber needled fabrics, with a bulk density of 0.1~ 0.8g/cm3.

Carbon fiber acupuncture preform is made of carbon fiber cloth with optimized angle layup, combined with carbon fiber short fiber filling, and is integrally connected through a special process. The C/C composite material is made by vapor deposition, which is a light, strong and durable carrier structure. Common specifications include regular parts such as flat plates and pots, as well as special-shaped parts such as diversion cylinders and crucibles. 

Mainly used in:

  • Aerospace

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Order Processing

Our company accepts batch order processing, samples and drawings to process carbon fiber products, hot pressing, molding, vacuum, and hand-pasting processes, and undertakes batch processing and export processing of various carbon fiber composite products.

About Us
  • Management Test

    In the product development stage, the selection of relevant raw materials for demand and the management and testing of sample orders

  • Corresponding Stock Support

    In the normal production stage, for the supply of conventional products and raw materials, corresponding stocking support is provided according to the customer demand plan to achieve the optimal inventory quantity of the enterprise; and the best price support is given according to the demand plan to achieve the cost control goal.

  • Customized Processing

    For orders customized by customers or special requirements, we will do a good job of closely supporting orders in various processes such as technology and logistics according to the specific requirements of customers.