Carbon Fiber Sleeve is made of carbon fiber material by a special process.

Mainly used in:

  • Sporting goods field

  • Fishing gear

  • Drone

Additional Information

Woven Diameter(mm)


HCF-103K Carbon fiber8-1210
HCF-133K Carbon fiber13-1813
HCF-153K Carbon fiber19-2215
HCF-203K Carbon fiber20-4020
HCF-243K Carbon fiber40-5024
HCF-29-3K3K Carbon fiber50-6029
HCF-206K Carbon fiber15-2520
HCF-266K Carbon fiber18-3026
HCF-29-6K6K Carbon fiber19-3529
HCF-396K Carbon fiber30-5039
HCF-486K Carbon fiber50-6548
HCF-586K Carbon fiber60-8058
HCF-3912K Carbon fiber20-3539
HCF-5212K Carbon fiber30-4052
HCF-5812K Carbon fiber35-5058
HCF-7712K Carbon fiber40-7077
HCF-9612K Carbon fiber60-10096
HCF-11612K Carbon fiber100-130116
HCF-23524K Carbon fiber64-127235
HAF-91500D Kevlar fiber8-129
HAF-181500D Kevlar fiber20-4018
HAF-493000D Kevlar fiber40-7049

Order Processing

Our company accepts batch order processing, samples and drawings to process carbon fiber products, hot pressing, molding, vacuum, and hand-pasting processes, and undertakes batch processing and export processing of various carbon fiber composite products.

About Us
  • Management Test

    In the product development stage, the selection of relevant raw materials for demand and the management and testing of sample orders

  • Corresponding Stock Support

    In the normal production stage, for the supply of conventional products and raw materials, corresponding stocking support is provided according to the customer demand plan to achieve the optimal inventory quantity of the enterprise; and the best price support is given according to the demand plan to achieve the cost control goal.

  • Customized Processing

    For orders customized by customers or special requirements, we will do a good job of closely supporting orders in various processes such as technology and logistics according to the specific requirements of customers.