Needle-punched Precast

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Carbon fiber needle-punched precast is made of carbon fiber cloth with optimized angle layering, combined with carbon fiber staple fiber filling, and connected as a whole through a special process.The C/C composite material is made by vapor deposition and composite, which is a lightweight, sturdy and durable carrier structure.Common specifications include regular parts such as flat plates and pot bangs, as well as special-shaped parts such as diversion tubes and worms.

Quartz fiber needle-punched precast is a three-dimensional fabric with an overall structure composed of quartz fiber mesh felt, quartz fiber cloth, or quartz fiber combined in a directional or undirected manner.The dielectric properties of quartz fiber are also very excellent, and the characteristics of wide-band wave permeability can be achieved.Therefore, quartz fiber is in aerospace.The application of military industry, semiconductor, high temperature thermal insulation, etc. is becoming more and more extensive.