Braid, Warp Braid

2022-07-19 14:54:24 陕西天恒空天新材料有限公司 Viewd 36

Braid (carbon fiber cloth, aramid cloth, polyethylene cloth, basalt cloth, building reinforcement cloth, strong cloth, etc.) is mainly woven by automatic rapier machine. The main processes are warping, threading, buckle, weft rolling, weaving, and sampling. It is a basic textile process.Conventional lines are plain, twill, satin, and one-way.

Warp braid (multi-axial cloth) adopts warp knitting technology and is combined with the concept of fiber laying. Since this material is not bent, the fibers can be arranged in the best form.Warp knitting technology can obtain thick multi-layer fabrics and determine the fiber direction according to expectations. Since there is no need to lay out more layers, economic benefits are greatly improved.